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we promote the fearless

The world we live in is morphing into something new, vibrant and unknown every new day. It’s changing the way we travel, eat, shop, work, socialize and love. Challenging each of us to step closer and closer to the edge of our once cozy comfort zones and ask, "do I dare?".

To which we suggest a resounding “hell yeah”.

We’re promotors of the fearless. Promoters of those who willingly set out to push that edge. After all that’s the kind of no-limits thinking that BRASELBOCK was built upon. By an American and a European creative who started out with a simple idea for combining their talents in one company, despite the 4500 mostly-shark-filled miles that were initially between them.

Now they fuse their cultural backgrounds with their expertise across photography, video, social media, design and music, to enable others do the same. Helping brands and individuals highlight their own boundary-pushing stories and strengths through films, photography and other creative media. All original and stamped with the duo's unique, yet strangely familiar, perspective on our world.

Some may call it work, but to us BRASELBOCKians it’s simply takin’ care of business.


who we are


Theresa braselton

While she may appear a bit out of control when attempting to navigate a boat through the canals of Amsterdam (exhibit A pictured above), that’s not the case when being in the driver’s seat of her own vision. At a young age Theresa recognized the value of being always open to learning new things, quickly realizing that the more she learned, the more she discovered and evolved both as an individual and an artist. She's leveraged the superpower of learning and pushing towards new horizons ever since, fully adopting the belief that achieving any vision is the result of meaningfully set intent.

Theresa has a keen ability to look at life and situations from many different angles, which has served her well both professionally and artistically. She has a strong belief that there is a universal truth, which, when let out unfiltered and represented in even the most abstract manner, has the power to resonate with others simply because they are human too.

Most of all, Theresa is a multi-creative human being, with freedom in the drivers seat (sometimes too much freedom, exhibit A again). She is a musician, designer, photographer and painter. An artist loving the world around her. Give her a vision or ask her to help create one, and she will deliver. The delivery will be a tale of truth, darkness, mystery and, most of all, depth.


johan bockstaele

When he was young (long before gravity pulled his hair from his head to his chin) Johan considered school to be a necessary evil. But as soon as the afternoon bell marked the end of another book-intensive day, he much instead preferred escaping into the world of movies.

These days Johan can commonly be found playing with light, contrast, lines and structures through the creation of both still and moving images. What he enjoys most is capturing emotions and portraying people in a way that authentically reflects their beauty and being. 

Johan is first and foremost a photographer and videographer. Thanks to his years of experience in a combination of corporate, independent and agency environments, he’s also had a fair share of getting his hands dirty in graphic design, brand management, social media management and digital marketing. A tour de force, all of which he now brings to the table as co-Founder of BRASELBOCK.

Johan loves to steal the moment. Share your world with him and let him bring you his unique view on it. It might surprise you, and perhaps even show you a beauty that you have yet to see.


Based out of Brussels, Belgium, BRASELBOCK works for customers across the globe.

Got a project in mind or want to work with us? Whether you're interested in being one of our clients or a partnering creative, we love connecting with new minds.